Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Staffing 360 Solutions

How Divserity, Equity and Inclusion fits into Staffing 360 Solutions

At Staffing 360 Solutions, we recognise the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace, and that is why we put a large focus on ensuring that the needs of our team - those that work with us in-house, as well as clients and candidates - are always met. A lot of this started with Paul McGuiness, the Associate Director for Talent Development and DE&I at Staffing 360 Solutions, who has worked with many clients to look at equality gaps in terms of pay. He’s spent a long time recruiting in the engineering sector and has noticed a growing focus on women in engineering, and so we provide support to clients with female candidates as part of the recruitment process. McGuiness has noticed a definite transformation in the recruitment sector over the years, but there is still a long way to go. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are a lot of other hurdles to overcome in terms of DE&I in recruiting.

Watch as Paul McGuiness discusses the importance of D, E & I in the recruitment industry

Going Above and Beyond as an Organisation

Our Chairman, Brendan Flood, made a bold move by highlighting that it’s not enough to just sit by and claim to not be a racist organisation. With the recruitment industry today, it’s important for us to stand up and do something. Flood, along with COO Alicia Barker, signed up for the CEO Action Pledge in the United States, which is a pledge made by corporate executives who vow to make a change in their organisations. Once that was in place, DE&I really became a key part of Staffing 360 Solutions and everything we do.

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Taskforce

Our DE&I Taskforce started with a focus on education, and getting used to having the important - yet challenging - candid conversations that are needed to ensure that everyone is treated in a fair, equal and inclusive way at work. However, that quickly grew and we now have mandatory training for all employees that come into the organisation.

We have Diversity Pillars, which were launched last year, and a Diversity and Inclusion Code of Conduct. These set the narrative for what Staffing 360 Solutions sets out to achieve, and it provides a clear framework for what we’re about as an organisation. The pillars are a tool to encourage people to come together and find common ground, whether that’s through food or shared experiences. Something as small as sharing a cultural dish can make a big difference.  

How the Recruitment Industry Can Facilitate Change

At Staffing 360 Solutions, we believe that the recruitment industry is a big facilitator of change, and we have seen first-hand how recruitment agencies can play a big part in helping to shape organisations. We are dedicated to working with other businesses to help make DE&I changes possible. Whether that means helping organisations to change their performance outcomes by hiring talent or driving talent to the company with an impressive workplace culture, we know how much of a difference DE&I can make to employers and employees alike.