High-growth aquisition strategy


Staffing 360 Solutions offers investors exposure to the burgeoning staffing industries which globally generate $416 billion in annual revenue, according to the Staffing industry Analysts (SIA). We have a robust business model and attractive financial characteristics. Our operating divisions have strong brands and leading positions in the staffing markets, providing the group with predictable and visible revenues.


$416 billion in annual revenue

Staffing 360 is executing an international buy-integrate-build strategy in the US and UK, with eight acquisitions completed since 2013. Today our primary focus is now in temporary staffing, which represents ~90% of our total revenue and permanent staffing, which represents ~10% of total revenue.

We have now aligned our businesses to work together more closely. This process of change has made our people feel more and more a part of something larger than they’ve ever felt they were a part of before. 

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There are approximately 70,000+ private employment service agencies around the world, and globally, these staffing companies generate $416 billion in annual revenue, according to the Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA). It is these firms who specialize in professional staffing that are particularly attractive as acquisition targets. With this in mind, our new corporate structure here Staffing 360 Solutions was specifically put in place to further advance our strategic goals of driving revenue growth, acquiring strong business and hitting our revenue target.

We initiated this change program back at the beginning of 2018, and it started with the alignment of the business into three business streams: 

Commercial Staffing US, Professional Staffing US, and Professional Staffing UK.  

The purpose is to drive additional focus into our three business streams, to look for

  • Expansion in sales opportunities,
  • To provide a greater offering to our clients and
  • To provide career possibilities for our employees.

“We want to keep our business pitch very succinct so that people understand our strategy and how we intend to grow our company. Strong leadership and consistent growth are paramount.”
Brendan Flood, Chairman and CEO 


At Staffing 360 Solutions we have the most talented, passionate and enthusiastic people behind our brands. The opportunities that are currently taking shape within the groups rigorous plans for growth is extremely positive.
Our business is growing, and it is an exciting time to join us. As we continue to open new office locations and create exciting opportunities for our employees, we are always on the lookout for energetic and motivated people to join our teams. Our employees are empowered by the Staffing 360 Solutions culture and they want to be part of our success story! Do you?​


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