Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Alicia Barker - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Influencer 2023

Our own COO Alicia Barker has been recognised as a Staffing Industry Analyst 2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (D,E&I) Influencer. She has advocated for diversity and gender equality throughout her career. Alicia has been weaving Staffing 360 Solutions' beliefs into everything we do, driving programs and initiatives to promote D,E&I throughout the company. Alicia's recognition as a Staffing Industry Analyst 2023 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Influencer is an incredible achievement for her and Staffing 360 Solutions.​

“I commend the collective endeavours of our team at Staffing 360 Solutions, with special appreciation to Alicia, who has demonstrated exceptional leadership implementing and driving these initiatives across all the brands. It is a proud moment for the business to have her recognized in this way”.
Brendan Flood, Chairman & CEO.

Due to Alicia Barker's tireless work Staffing 360 Solutions have invested over 1,000 hours in D, E & I training, established prayer rooms as per employee requests, publish a monthly newsletter exploring all things D, E & I and carry out "Taste The Culture" events to foster a stronger sense of inclusivity and mutual comprehension.

"We are asking people to step outside of their comfort zone, and that is not always easy."
Alicia Barker, COO

However, we still have a long way to go and will continue to promote D,E&I within Staffing 360 Solutions and our communities. To find out more about our beliefs and initiatives visit our dedicated Equity and Inclusion page.