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Brendan Flood

Chairman and CEO


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Flood is the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Staffing 360
Solutions. He is responsible for setting the vision and
strategic direction of the company, directing the leadership team,
and building company culture. Mr. Flood sold Initio International to
Staffing 360 Solutions in January 2014. Prior to Initio, he spent seven
years at Hudson Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSON) in various roles in
Europe and the United States, culminating with Mr. Flood leading
the company's IPO and listing of its common stock on the Nasdaq
National Market in 2003. During 2004 and 2005 he was the
CFO/COO for Hudson North America, and returned the business to
profitability after several loss-making years. Prior to the IPO in 2003,
Hudson was part of what is now Monster Worldwide, Inc., the
parent company of As part of the global realignment
of Monster Worldwide, Inc. in November 2001, Mr. Flood became
CFO for all of the company’s operations in the Americas, which
amounted to $1.8 billion of annualized revenues. He has lived
and worked in several different countries, has a strong background
in M&A and he graduated from Dublin City University (Ireland) with
a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Finance.